• about us

    Thermal Processes Engineering, or Proterm, was founded in 1991 by Dr. Manfred Hellwig to fill the growing need for the forestry industry related with its thermal processes and the compliance with the environmental standards of gaseous emission of stationary sources. Since then, we specialize in biomass combustion for thermal energy and power generation, consultancy and measurements related to thermal equipment like burners, boilers and gas filters.

    In 1996 Proterm became the first regional laboratory approved by the Health Authority. This  enables us to deliver high quality  services using methodologies like EPA, DIN and VDI in environmental measurements and to be present in all major industries in Southern Chile. Within recent years, Proterm has expanded its work field incorporating measurements of dioxins, furans, benzene, VOCs, formaldehyde and acid mist to its services as well as special orders from customers.

    We meet all the requirements stipulated by the chilean Supreme Decree No. 2467 on " Measurement Standards Laboratory  and Analysis of Air Emissions from stationary sources" with equipment calibrated and certified  by the Public Health Institute of Chile, ISP. In 2005 Proterm received ISO 9001:2000 certification, keeping it up to date until its current form ISO 9001:2008.

    Since 2007 our company provides corporate counseling outside Chile and currently we have customers in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

    In 2008, our company becomes Proterm Inc., keeping up to date Dr. Hellwig as partner and shareholder.

    Faced with a widening range of environmental issues of national significance, environmental authorities have recognized Proterm as one of the most trusted company for environmental measurements. In 2010 CONAMA Bio Bio requested us to carry out a survey base on all emission sources in the area of ​​Concepción, and during 2011-2012 Environmental Secretary of Atacama asked us execute a similar survey in the area of Huasco.