• Proterm Energy


    Proterm develops investment projects, overhauling and conversion of power plants. The main purpose of this service is the economic and technical evaluation of projects oriented to energy self-sufficiency in industrial plants and / or the power generation with sales to third parties.

    The main projects that support Proterms experience in power plants development are:

    • 12 MWe cogeneration Plant based on biomass, Forestal y Papelera Concepción S.A.
    • 4,6 MWt Water Boiler, Forestal León Ltda.
    • Coal-to-Oil Conversion of four Boilers at Laguna Verde Power plant, AES Gener.
    • 25 MWe Renewable Power Plant Lautaro based on biomass, COMASA.
    • 7 MWe Cogeneration Plant Coelemu based on Biomass, Energía León S.A.


    Proterm´s recognized specialization in thermal process engineering and environmental measurements has allowed us to offer our clients the following services of Environmental Assessment:

    Faced with a widening range of environmental issues of national significance, environmental authorities have recognized Proterm as one of the most trusted company for environmental measurements. In 2010 CONAMA Bio Bio requested us to carry out a survey base on all emission sources in the area of ​​Concepción, and during 2011-2012 Environmental Secretary of Atacama asked us execute a similar survey in the area of Huasco.

    • Studies in environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
    • Studies in  atmospheric impact evaluation.
    • Environmental management consulting.
    • Calculation and management of carbon footprints .